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At this page you can see my personal portfolio, where you can see my non NDA work and finished products. A finished product is a result of the hard work that is put in to it and I am proud to show it. However, a lot of hard work has been done to achieve this result. If you would like to see a more detailed look of the progress, please let me know the reason of your curiosity and I will give you a temporary login to the restricted UX Portfolio page.

– Hans

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Simacan Traffic Cast – Simacan Control Tower (2014-2015)

As a user experience designer at Simacan I am putting traffic and logistics on the map. The products I am working on integrate real-time traffic information and other geospatial data truly accessible and useful. By interviewing product users I have managed to design applications which are easy to use, present a clear view of all the available data and within canvas that is suitable for various kinds of clients.

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Augmented driving experience

Augmented Driving Experience (2013)

In this research project I have examined the possibility of enhancing the driving experience of a modern supercar through the application of interaction design principles. In other words, the design and implementation of a user experience which enhances the essence of the driving experience of a supercar: the direct physical contact with the car and its behaviour. In older models, the engineered, physical closeness of the driver to the powerful supercar engine creates a direct, ‘analog’ feedback system, which raises the awareness of the driver towards the car’s immediate behaviour.

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Fishplay (2012)

An interactive installation for man and fish. What appears to be an ordinary elevator, turns out to be an elevator that descends into a life-size aquarium. Discover, admire and play with the fish while underway.

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RC Car (2012)

I started working on a rc-car partly to improve my skills in prototyping with electronic devices like Arduino and partly because I really like to see if I can control a rc-car with an xbox 360 wireless controller.

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Playfull Policy

Playful Policy (2012)

You find yourself in an old dusty room with a handful of bored stakeholders who all want to share their policy and ideas, but they’re not able to really get your attention. In a matter of time people are more concentrated on the stains on the ceiling than the story that is told. They creativity and motivation is lost and when the meeting is over nobody really remembers whats been discussed.  Everybody is missing the big picture. Is it that hard to spice it up a little? Can we make an ordinary meeting more fun so people won’t hold back and participate to the max?

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Coffee Cooler (2011)

This is a mini-project using the Arduino, a temperature sensor and a computer-fan. In this case I use my body temperature for example. When the temperature sensor detects a heat above 20-degrees the fan starts to spin. When the temperature drops beneath 20-degrees the fan stops and your coffee is at the desirable temperature.

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Fourcelabs (2011)

Internship at Fourcelabs was a most wonderful learning experience where I had the chance to work with an professional  team of interaction and game designers accompanied by an ambitious group of interns. I was invited by Karel Millenaar to join Fourcelabs and work on an addition for the Chick’N’Run event game.

Design for Space

Design for Space (2011)

Design for Space is a project where we had to design an installation for a public space. By developing this installation we had a chance to discover through building and experimenting how the experience of an user can enrich, strengthen, surprise, shock or maybe satisfy.

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Profound Satisfaction (2010)

Profound Satisfaction is all about the difference between your right and left part of your brain. The right part, the creative one, is reflected into your left hand. The left part, the logical side, is reflected into your right hand. With your left hand you can create ideas, visualized as particles. With your right hand you can control and organize them. After you have organized enough ideas you can drop them and create something wonderful.